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Sunday, September 18, 2011


IMG_4084-ZW by Rikervp
IMG_4084-ZW, a photo by Rikervp on Flickr.

" Difficult Times" Where do I play now ?

One of the most heart breaking images taken to date for me.

After hearing of a particular child's difficulties with dealing with divorce , sometimes adults forget that the children too... have a voice. Maybe these children are feeling the tensions just as the parents are. Perhaps feeling a little unsure of their world, as it may be very hard to see where their future is going and where do they go and who do they turn to now ? Not wanting to to harm the loyalties they have to each parent.....

Divorce imposes heroic demands on the spouses going through it, but the parent who can see the world as his or her children, gains a very sobering insight into the trauma a divorce works in the lives of those who really have no say in the matter. This vantage point can be invaluable because it gives a parent some perspective on how the child is interpreting or absorbing the change.

Young children feel the changes that are going on around them in their world, and depending upon the age of a child, their world can be very small. They are aware of the changes that are taking place between their parents and how they react to each other. They also see how these changes are affecting the way they live. Later, when the parents separate, they are disturbed by not being able to be with both parents on a daily basis. They often are dissatisfied with shared custody or visitation schedules and are insecure in their environment.

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