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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Rikervp Zuid Holland Fotograaf en Studio - Topaz Labs Plug-ins.

About the image - Editing with Topaz Labs plug-ins in PhotoShop. 

About the image - Editing with Topaz Labs plug-ins in PhotoShop.
Image 1.
Original Image was edited with Topaz Labs Remask to help isolate the model for later use to bring the model back to the foreground in the final composite. Topaz Lab’s Remask, Detail and clean used on this first base image to extract key area’s, smooth skin and also detail to fine tune sharpen and detail selected areas in this first image.

Image 2.
The original Image I shot in Canada of a hot hod passing by me is extracted from this image and put on its own layer to further manipulate in the final image Topaz remask used to do this as well as the changes made to the image such as PS distort and perspective change to make the car fit with the original shot to replace the original auto.  

Image 3.
Again this auto was extracted from one of my original shots auto shots from Canada using Topaz Labs remask plugin, then seated into place shading and blurring added to help add to the DOF.

Images 4, 5 and 6.
Extracted from other images in stock using Topaz Labs remask. then also seated into place added shading and blurring to further help adding to the DOF.

Final Image.
As all the images here are used in the final composition, once the assembly was made and adjustments to key layers were done, Added a little touch to the final image using Topaz Labs Clairity and masked in some added touches.  Some burning and dodging in some area’s and shading added. Lighting of the car added and further enhanced with Topaz Labs “Star Effects” to give the lights that added realistic touch of glaring. All the layers are then merged with minor adjustments to colors. Selective sharpening added with a separate hi-pass layer and masking out the areas not needed to be extra sharp. Overall final image looks great with some sense of realizum maintained.

As an avid user of Topaz Labs plugins for photoshop for at least 5 years now, I can honestly say how handy and useful they are in my everyday photo processing from small artistic touches added to outright foto retouching and hardcore photo manipulation. Topaz Lab's plug-ins are a must have in my tool box and I have enjoyed using all of their products since the company's inception so to speak.
Shortly, I will be writing a blog for Topaz labs for one of their upcoming features detailing the use of their product in photo-reconstruction techniques used on recovering that lost image.
Topaz Labs Products :

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