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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bond, James Bond. - with Jack Fens - Shaken not stirred Goldfinger styled shoot.

"Shaken not stirred"



Recently I had the opportunity to once again work with my dear friend Jack Fens.
"shaken, not stirred" 

in a recent "Bond" styled shoot just for fun and to keep the creative juices flowing. For those that do not know him recently Jack has had his own personal life battles everyday with cancer treatments and while Jack puts on the brave face and stay's focused with upcoming events and personal life goals I am sure life right right now can be vary draining on a soul.  I really have to commend my friend Jack for his strength on wanting to keep pushing forward.
as part of this shoot I wanted to get that "Bond" look and feel into my shots bearing in mind the Goldfinger theme we had originally planned, while I look back at these photo's I see a cross between the Sean Connery Bond and Daniel Craig version in rugged looks. While most images were shoot mid afternoon but we also shot as it was getting dark.

We also featured working with a new model for the first time and this beautiful lady named
Sas von D brought the goldgirl vision I was looking for and a partner to jack for this shoot.

I feel it was a good combination to have these two people in this shoot. The body paint work on Sas was done by none other than the professional and perfectionist Nathalie Brouwer of "Schmink with Joy" a very fun lady and a pleasure to work with and to have on location.

Also another key note here is that I had asked my wife Ina Cranney to play "M" the boss lady to make the shots a little more complex in the story telling of the images. I think she did a fantastic job I am not saying that just because she is my wife.. genuinely she did just that a very good job and I am proud of her.

Jack Fens as Bond and Ian Cranney as "M" 
Frenk at work.
We were also lucky enough to have our friend Frenk van der Leij a good friend and fire blower come and join us this evening to blow fire for us on some of the shots we took.

all in all it was a great shoot. location was at FORT PRINS FREDERIK
Havendijk 16 , 3257 LH, Ooltgensplaat A great place to visit !

Here are a few image results from this shoot hope you enjoy.


ps... in the end... Bond always gets the girl ;-) wink wink...

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