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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IMG_0436 The Catwalk.

IMG_0436 The Catwalk. by Rikervp
IMG_0436 The Catwalk., a photo by Rikervp on Flickr.

Just one of the fun things or should I say events I like to photograph from time to time is fashion. I really like how it presents a challenge to me every time. Different venues, different lighting circumstances call for a different plan of attack so to speak every time I get the opportunity to shoot one. The upside of these events are the great challenges at the time of shooting, meeting new designers and a lot of other creative people. The only downside to these shoots are that we don't get paid to do them. For the most part, we get a special invite to come and shoot these events for I believe that is only because of or possible connections to the media. While I am not complaining here, And when the models look to have their foto's, I direct them to our official web site to obtain a copy or print. Yes sure I post a few images to Facebook but I too am in the business to make money too. That helps cover my time and equipment costs. I know this is starting to lead elsewhere so I will bring it back to the point I intended to make in the first place.The Challenge to capture that reasonably great shot. For me I find it's a combination of timing in other words get in tune with what is going on around you at the time and enjoy the moment at the same time try to have your camera setup with your dial setting in place just ready to capture that one great moment. !

This image was shot in Rotterdam during a fashion show Oct 7/8 2011 @ Club Vie in Rotterdam.

Via Flickr:
Shot while at a fashion show in Rotterdam.
I love shooting here whenever I get the chance, love the lighting they use @ Club Vie Rotterdam.

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