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Monday, October 24, 2011

 Evita Tjon a Ten - 

Well my friends it been a busy weekend. With lots on hand that had to be done.

Beginning with Friday night attending Evita Tjon a Ten's " Sweet Caramel " CD presentation in Rotterdam's Holland Casino. It was a really fun and exciting night to have the opportunity to shoot video of Evita's performance live and I thought seeing as I am there anyways I'd like to photograph Evita and the Sir's in action.

The music was awesome, flavorful and the arrangements perfect ! the supporting band "The Sirs" and the extended group of musicians sound great and looked great and were both instrumental to her success but also added to the atmosphere of the evening.

Evita looked stunning in her full length trailing gold and blue dress and the presentation I think this evening was a total success and the interview that followed shortly after the show went great as well. Even though the lighting could have been better and unfortunately I used up all my battery for my light in taping the show, I did manage to find and use available light in the casino's darkly lit room that was dedicated for the show. Here are just a few samples of the images shot during the show.

Video shot of Evita's Performance at her CD Release of " Sweet Caramel " .

What a fun and entertaining evening as I was sitting there editing all the material from the other night and Listening to Evita's CD given to me by her and I have to say WOW, I am really taken aback by the beautiful voice, arranngements. I honestly think you will be too if you hear this girl sing.. it's really amazing how her voice just commands this cd and the supporting band is just incredible !
I really love this CD.. and I've only listened to it over the last few hours.. c'mon folks what you waiting for ? .. it is a great listening CD.

You really must check this one out !

"Sweet Caramel"

Bestel de CD heir / buy the CD and or tracks here.


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