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Monday, August 27, 2012

Trash the dress shoot - Zeeland, NL

Trash the dress shoot - Zeeland, NL

August 18 2012.
Riker Video Productie & Fotografie. - www.rikervp.nl

Hello everyone, just wanted to take a minute or two to write about the super fun day we had shooting 14 or so women and young ladies in in a "Trash The Dress" - wedding dress / trouw jurk and

then in the sea. At times I wished I had more time to spend with each and every bride with the amount of women and shortage of time that was not possible.

We had brought along our Model for the day,  Suzanna Bouman (pictured above) whom is a beautiful young lady aspiring to become a well known model here in Holland, well let me just say she sure is making a name for herself already and has become very popular with many photographers.We have worked with Suzanna on a previous occasion and we look forward to our other planned shoots coming up.

While my focus for the day was mainly Suzanna, I also had to devote some of the time to the other women who also spend the day being photographed Our day began at a castle not far from the beaches in Zeeland, then progressed into a little forest for some relief from the midday sun. Once we all had made a few shots in the forest we then began to head towards the beach for the running of the brides. All of whom ran down the dunes pathway towards the beach,

where upon arriving had a little group photo taken (on the poles as you see in the title image). Opened a few bottles of champagne complete with spraying it all over and around everyone. Much to the delight of all the onlookers that afternoon.

From there we broke into groups and all started they're shooting in the water as each photographer grabbed a bride to make their own photo's. I myself had mainly concentrated on Suzanna and few of the other women and made my own shots of these gorgeous women.

 we tried to make shots that were, well different than what the others were doing and it's not my style to copy or take the same image shot as what someone else is shooting. All the while adding interest in the shots or leaving room in the shots to add a little more "added" interests.. I find posing and having a forethought about what your final image is going to be or end up like is very important. One must think outside the box and be a little creative and have creative ideas that reflect in images or be able to tell a story in an image.

Here below, we try to tell a story in each image or in a collection of images together, I have to thank Danny, our male model for the day whom is also a friend to Suzanna for coming. Danny did a fantastic job that day and looked really good in the images. While I shot over 500 image that day it was certainly hard to pick out the ones that really drew my attention and so I have posted these. The others will be posted to our website in our "shop" where they can be viewed and or purchased for private home use and or can also be licensed for commercial use as well.

I really would like to thank my wife for joining on this day, added that much more fun to the day, as well Suzanna's mother for her assistance with the reflector screen and holding the flash. I also wish to thank our sponsors the other supporters too ! 

Suzanna's wedding dress
This beautiful dress was graciously sponsored by the weddingbells company NL 
 weddingbells-company here in Holland where you can get a gorgeous dress, 
and not have to pay alot of money ! 

Suzanna's bridal bouquet
Bonne Fleur Zwijndrecht
Bonne Fleur - Flowers 

also would like to personally thank Berbel for inviting us to attend this very fun occasion and hopefully be invited back to next years fun. And to all the models who attended as well ! top day had !!!

with many thanks to our sponsors.. we truly appreciate your sponsorship ! 

enjoy the image viewing :) 
have a great day everyone !

note: all images - © 2012 Riker Video Productie & Fotografie - www.rikervp.nl

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