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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Michael Willems - Advanced Flash Workshop Kamera-Express - Rotterdam.

Saturday Sept 1, 2012

Advanced Flash Workshop. - Rotterdam NL
pro photographer and flash guru Michael Willems
 Hello everyone,
I wanted to take a moment and tell you about one of North America’s most experienced photography teachers, pro photographer and flash guru Michael Willems, My friend Michael truly knows his stuff and his experience is predominately evident as Michael begins with his presentation. Michael put on a special version of his signature workshop http://www.cameratraining.ca/Flash-NL.html at Kamera Express in Capelle a/d IJssel in Rotterdam this past Saturday on September 1, 2012. The workshop, has been taught previously in Toronto, Phoenix, Las Vegas and beyond, is aimed specifically at photographers who want a “flash” refresher and those wanting to learn to take a better composed image using small flash.

 One of the best things I personally liked about Michael's course is the streamlined presentation and use of supporting material used to demonstrate his point. Michael made you feel part of the course and you were kept not only interested in the material but also buy Michael's fun sense of humor and also the fact that this was a hands on course not only entertained, enlightened and educated... but also involved you.

Michael showing an image with small flash placement used on how to achieve a better image composition.

Michael quickly introduces you to the world of small flash techniques and modifier use, with his experience and expertise clearly explains how to compose and image with the skills you learn in his course on using small flash.

I firmly believe that by taking this course it will be and has been money well spent compared with the knowledge you'll gain and the insight you receive on how to make it happen, how to make and take a better photograph, how to better your compositions and how to add interest to your images with the use of special lighting techniques using small flash and modifiers in studio or on location are truly invaluable information you'll need to either refresh yourself in what you are doing today or in gaining knowledge of how to do it for your future image making even if your just learning. All for a small price and time. Money well spent I might add.

While I had a small part in this workshop more of a support role I truly had the pleasure to have been invited as a guest speaker and putting in my two cents here and there where I felt it could add to the course being presented and to the information the participants received. I would like to take this moment to personally thank Joost and Marcel @ Kamera-Express (Rotterdam)
for they're support, give away items like a camera strap, small flash gel pack and a flash bender package that the participants were given in a draw, also for the use of the classroom and presentation equipment in assisting us in putting on this presentation workshop at their upstairs teaching facility / store and also to all those that came to the workshop. Thank you / Hartelijk Bedankt voor alles  !

Without you all this would not have been possible ! 
Ken Cranney (Riker Video Productie & Fotografie)

When in Rotterdam, Kamera-Express is THEE place to go for all you camera and equipment needs !
I am not only a supporter but also a client here. Great prices, service and knowledgeable reps !.

Images taken by others at the workshop.
Foto: Mary-Ann POPpicutres

Foto : Mariska

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