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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cowboy's & Indians : Fotoshoot :

 "Cowboys and Indians"

Suzanna looking for her horse... only to have the horse standing behind her... laughing...

Hello everyone,
Yesterday Sept 08, 2012 we held a photo shoot on a big farm and the theme was "Cowboy's and Indians" and we had so much fun and so many laughs.  Our models for the day were Suzanna Bouman as the female Indian warrior and Jack Fens as our cowboy. Both are returning models for us and we loved shooting them together on this shoot as well as from our "Terminator" shoot that we had done earlier this year. Again Miranda van der Velde from Het Schminkatelie  has created another stunning work of body art with model Suzanna.

This is Suzanna's first time modeling in body paint. Miranda and I have have been a "team" for over three years now and it never ceases to amaze us what she creates for us and for me to shoot.

Miranda is truly a team player from conception on the mood board to following through with the finished artwork and always standing by on the shoot for any touch up. Miranda does it all... including making the outfits worn b the model and hair arrangement. Miranda is truly one professional I love to work with and I always look forward to our next project together.

Suzanna Bouman - Model

 We began shooting around 3:30 in the afternoon only to stop for a little BBQ dinner and then continued on shooting right after dinner to catch the golden light until sunset. It was a beautiful day and a nice warm September evening to shoot in. I do have to also thank everyone who participated on this days event and shooting from all who held that flashes and patiently waited for each instruction and every shoot to Suzanna's Grandfather who made us a delicious BBQ dinner and her mother for her generous hospitality every time we go there.

Back stabbing....
what ? ... 

I have to admit that I personally enjoyed shooting both Jack and Suzanna together equally as well as shooting them separately for the individual shots. I found them to both be strong in they're own images on they're own... and as well as making a good team together.

Never Give Up !

So never give up what your doing !
and to wrap it up here, I want to thank all who assisted in this shoot:

Model: Suzanna Bouman
Model : Jack Fens
Extreme Makeup and costume: Miranda van der Velde

Support: Ina Cranney 
And all of Suzanna's family for they're support... and feeding the crew... 
and not to forget about the Horse's too for doing they're part in the shoots also. . 

all in all it was a top day ! and with out you all I could not have produced these images. !  

Thank you all ! and I look forward to the next time. 
Ken (Riker) 

Riker Video Productie & Fotografie 

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  1. Awesome! My husband has spoken well of your work but I hadn't really seen any of your photographs until today. Wonderful work!

  2. I wish to express my gratitude for your viewing and comment I really appreciate your taking the time to do both. We can also be found on FB under rikervp to view a whole lot more..lol again thank you.