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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Canada's Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls - Rikervp

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 Recently, we traveled back to Canada to visit with friends and family for a much needed reunion of people we have missed. After arriving in Toronto and spending a couple of days with my dear friend Pat, we proceeded to Niagara Falls Ontario Canada to once again revisit this beautiful place filled with so much to see and do. We arrived in Niagara Falls where we hunted down our friend Nicholas Tritchew, Manager of Interactive Marketing HOCO Entertainment & Resorts on Clifton Hill. Where we met with Nicholas and spend a half hour and were toured around and discussed the entertainment of Clifton Hill.

These were our first views of Clifton Hill once we met with Nicholas. We were joined by my cousin Al who lives near the area and he spent the whole day with us and into the evening. Al joined me to get tips on learning to make better images for himself and to learn a few techniques making shots.

My friend Nicholas, gave us passes to use and attend some of the attractions on Clifton while we again toured this wonderful place. It is not everyday we get to visit Canada, we try to get back every other year. So when we do Niagara Falls is always on our list of places to visit. Mainly for the convenience of meeting some of our family but also to tour some of the finest places in Southern Ontario.

As soon as we left our meeting with Nicholas, we began our adventure checking out the attractions all the while taking as many images of the places, attractions, people and things we experienced on this wonderfully beautiful day filled with puffy clouds and lot of sunshine. The first place we hit was the Dinosaur Adventure Golf attraction. My wife Ina (Ena) my son Riley and my cousin Al and myself all grabbed a little golf time and made images while we played this amazing course with lots to see while you played. My son found this to be one of his favorite places to play and was amazed by the huge dinosaurs located on the course and was even got excited when the volcano blew it's top every 10 - 15 minutes or so.

As you can see this place is very interesting indeed, I do have to thank my wife though for her patience while I shot images during our play on the mini golf course there were a few time I stood and waited to get shots of the mountain erupting and at one time I waited the full ten minutes and had to let others playing behind us allow to pass us and continue playing on. So we or should I say I didn't interfere with their enjoyment of the golf... while I "played a round" so to speak.

Riley hanging around...

This was Riley ... hanging around waiting for his dad (me) to stop shooting foto's and continue playing the course. He is after all a very patient little 5 year old.. sometimes...
I am also glad we were joined by my cousin Al whom we don't get to see very often, he also had a blast touring around with us that day.

Al Rolleman  - Golf and shooting images... tough combo.

  Just on this Dinosaur Adventure Golf alone there was so much fun to be had the course is well laid out adding to the interest factor no matter where you look or play on this little course. It was truly enjoyed by all. It also gave me an opportunity to shoot some interesting images from a lot of different angles here are just a few of the Dinosaur Adventure Golf and the sights you can expect to see when you come to play here.


 After our great round of golf at Dinosaur Adventure Golf, we next went on the "Skywheel" , I myself had never been on it in all the times I had visited the falls, until this time. What a blast we had climbing on this ferris wheel which lifts you up and gives you a great view of all that goes on all around you on Clifton Hill and as well you get a huge bonus view of the falls from a different perspective. It's really quite nice to look down and see all the people having fun playing the Dinosaur Adventure Golf and to look around and see the expanse of the area.
You can see clearly for miles on a clear day but most importantly the view is spectacular of the falls from the Skywheel.





Once the ride was done and we got off, we enjoyed a nice hot coffee from the conveniently located Tim Horton's and enjoyed a fresh donut as well. What I find nice about Clifton Hill is the fact that you can have so much fun and not have to walk for miles to get something to drink or eat. Everything is within a few steps no matter which way you turn. And there is always something for everyone, whether it's a hotdog, Hamburger, Pizza, or a nice healthy lunch from any of the close by restaurants located within steps of the attractions on Clifton Hill.

Here you'll find just about everything you'll need to enjoy to eat while you are enjoying your day.
Over the next few hours we took in more and more of the sights stopping once in a while to get refreshments or a snack. Another fun place to visit was MovieLand wax museum of the stars located on the strip of Clifton Hill just a few meters from the skywheel when your heading down the street to the falls. If your sort of a movie buff like me then you will enjoy the characters they have cast in wax and in some of the displays even created some of the little scenes you seen in the movie. 



I spent a little time here viewing all the wax figures and had to be dragged out of the building by the group. Needless to say it fun and enjoyable.  Next we actually headed to the falls for a view and grab some photo's before grabbing some dinner after which just Al and I returned to shoot again into the evening.

All in all it had turned out to be a fantastic day again filled with a lot of fun, sights and sounds with the attraction ringing out as you walked by. This is something you can only experience by visiting. To be honest eating and accommodations are actually really reasonably priced surprisingly enough ! I highly recommend that if your going to visit this area "Clifton Hills" , the Falls and the surrounding area I would take at least two to three days easily if you want to get the most out of your experience while visiting the Niagara Region. There truly is a lot to see and do and you do need a bit of time to digest all of it.  Later in the evening Al and I headed back out to shoot some night shots and capture the street scenes, as well some of the attractions and the particularly the falls at night. 

After we shot these and a whole lot of other images we said good night and I headed back to my hotel room where Ina and Riley were sleeping wiped out from all of the days activities. The next morning we headed out again, took in a nice breakfast met up again with Al and his daughters this time and we walked Clifton Hill again for a bit before Al and his daughters left us to return home. Where we continued on back down to the falls for a last view before we too headed back to Toronto to meet up with my oldest daughter Cheyenne. But these were last few images from that morning.


We had a great time again in Niagara Falls, hanging around on Clifton Hill enjoying our time together with family taking in the sights together has always been priceless to me. They hospitality extended to us from Nicholas Tritchew of Interactive Marketing Entertainment and Resorts this was very much welcomed and much appreciated and added to our experience again on Clifton Hill. I wish to thank Nicholas personal for adding to our experience. Thank you Clifton Hill and Niagara Falls !

Important !! for more information about Clifton Hill in Niagara Falls Ontario Canada and it's attractions visit Clifton Hill's website and view their information with photos,videos and blogs . 

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