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Friday, September 27, 2013

The Phoenix - Rikervp - Zuid Holland Fotograaf

 The Phoenix - Rikervp - Zuid Holland Fotograaf

To start off with this was an exception shoot with vision well ahead of time. This shoot was the brain child of myself, Miranda (who works hand in hand with me creating all the special effects and body paint work ) and my wife Ina.
We shot this on location at Fort Prins Frederik Havendijk in Holland and this was such a great place to shoot at.

I want to also thank them for the hospitality and for letting us invade the place !
It was so nice and relaxed and the people who were all there that day all chipped in and helped make this shoot go so smooth. I can not thank all those that helped us making the nest, holding lamps and stand-ins that helped create and added to the scenes enough for their patients while we arranged shots and discussed what the next shot needed to be. 

Out of the ashes rises the Phoenix reborn.
Our model for this shoot was the beautiful Chantal Krijgsman who is not only a beautiful model but a close and dear friend to me as well. Chantal spent a few hours in the make chair with Miranda from Hetschminkatelier  having makeup and body paint applied as well as having the costume (wings and head piece) that Miranda fabricated fitted on for the final fit before shooting. 

Here Miranda poses with Chantal at the end of the shoot.
Our fire breather was the none other than thee impeccable  Frenk van der Leij.
Frenk gave us a lot of fire that evening to the point of running out of fluid near the end of the shoot.

To Frenks honor this was way more that we could have asked for, Frenk was so cooperative in discussing the planned shots and was very helpful with positioning and he worked in a safe manner so no one including the model or the environment that we were shooting in got hurt or damaged.  Frenk was brilliant to say the least and an enjoyable person to work with and a great sence of humor and I would love to have him on another shoot with us anytime in the future. Frenk was truly an asset to have on this shoot he literally blew us away and his work and it tied everything together in this shoot. I now consider Frenk the Fire whisperer.

Below are some of the shots from the shoot as well as detail image depicting the art work of Miranda


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